Large Art Pieces

Small Art Pieces

Each Art Piece is custom made, locally.


The challenge in making the art pieces is what keeps our creative ideas flowing. We carefully design our pieces. We can often be seen doodling on a napkin patterns that are considered for pieces. Then we spend hours trying various combinations with various specimens trying to see which looks best.

We often associate emotions and philosophical ideas with our pieces. One's that are particularly moving will help to capture the mood of the piece.

The Backgrounds

We endeavours to create each frame to be a truly unique piece of art. Both of us hunt for attractive background materials like fabrics and different kind of papers with a focus on hand made paper. We have found specialty suppliers of hand made paper from Japan, as well as suppliers who provide us with papyrus. The use of such delicate, high quality paper adds an elegant touch to compliment the butterflies. 

The Butterflies

The butterflies come from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan, Canada, USA, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, the Republic of Central Africa, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Israel, Iran, Australia, New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. The specimens are either raised on farms or bred by breeders. Many of these countries, we have personally been to to secure a steady supply for our life's work.

There is a chance that they could become dislodged due to shipping.

The iridescent blue Morphos have their abdomens removed as they feed on the peanut plant during their larval stage and this could cause some of the oils to leak onto the wings. If that happens, it would destroy the specimen as the blue colour would turn brown. This is type of blue on the butterfly is caused by transparent scales that cause a blue effect in our minds. It is for this reason the standard is to remove the abdomens.

Finishing Touches

All the specimens are glued using contact cement. We use this as the glue is still removable through a special technique should the owner of the art piece wants something changed down the road.


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